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Thank you for visiting The Bible Teacher’s Page. It’s been a joy to author this site and especially to hear from many of you as to how the site has been used by the Lord to encourage Bible teachers. My goal has been to offer a practical, commercial-free site that would encourage and equip believers in some little way to make disciples of the largest, most critical and yet most overlooked group in the world – the children.

My name is Eric Stuyck. I have been involved in Christian work since I was 14 years old – just a few years after I received Christ as my Savior. I helped for two summers at Camp Good News in Charlestown, New Hampshire (run by Child Evangelism Fellowship.) The following summer I was involved in something that affected me for the rest of my life. I applied to work as a summer missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Vermont. At Summer Missionary Training School I was taught how to lead a child to Christ using the Wordless Book and through a ministry to children called 5-Day Club®.

As part of the training school, a team of four of us taught a supervised 5-Day Club. We taught our club in a trailer park to twelve children. I got to teach the Bible lesson on day one. As I got to the end of the lesson I prepared to give the invitation by asking the children to close their eyes and bow their heads. Without any of them looking around to see what the others were doing, twelve hands went up as I asked for a response. We immediately divided the children into four groups, each summer missionary counseling three children. Every one of those children asked the Lord Jesus to save them from their sins that day! This event had a lasting effect on how I saw the responsiveness of children to the Gospel.

As a freshman at Washington Bible College, I was asked to consider teaching Sunday School at a Korean church in Northern Virginia. I used the only training and materials I had – Child Evangelism Fellowship – to teach the class. My work with the fourth, fifth and sixth graders became work with the junior high school class as I was promoted with my students. This began the involvement I had in youth ministry for about the next nine or ten years.

After graduation I eventually was hired at another Korean church as the youth pastor. After two years on staff in that position I spent one year in Korea learning the language and culture. In about the first month I was there, I met my wife-to-be, Haegi. (By the way, that’s her in the picture on the main page standing in the middle of the children.) After our return to the U.S., I accepted another position as youth pastor.

It was during this time that I became involved with the Montgomery County, Maryland chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship. I joined the local committee and received additional teacher training. When my job as youth pastor ended, I was hired by the committee as a field worker. My main responsibility was to establish Good News Clubs®. I was to recruit workers and mentor them as they began the weekly, hour-long Bible clubs and when they were established, to find additional workers to start another club.

In 1993 I was asked to move to Frederick County, Maryland to become the director of the work there, which was faltering. The Lord has truly blessed the work and my wife and I. We are strongly committed to the work and also to our local church, Emmanuel Alliance Church, where we both teach Sunday School. I have had the privilege of having opportunities to teach children in Good News Clubs, 5-Day Clubs, open-air evangelism and fair ministry, train teachers, speak in churches, preach occasionally (including Wednesday morning chapel services at the Frederick Union Rescue Mission,) be involved in our church’s jail ministry and even do a little writing (I had an article on reaching children of cults and other religions published in Evangelizing Today’s Child magazine in the summer of 1998.) In February of 2000 I was asked to oversee the work in Montgomery County as well in a more regional role.

The Lord led me to resign my post with Child Evangelism Fellowship at the end of December 2000 to enter the pastorate. I have been licensed as an official Christian worker with the Mid-Atlantic District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance since March of 2000, working towards ordination (a two-year process.) The Lord led us into pursuing a church plant project in Frederick which became official in May 2001. So we begin a new adventure.

Please feel free to correspond with me. I am always looking for new ideas and to share the ones I have to further the work of fulfilling the Great Commission.

In His Service and Yours,
Eric Stuyck

For additional information on Child Evangelism Fellowship, please visit their site at Or if you live in Maryland, stop by their site at


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