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Three ideas for helping your club or class learn

Scripture memory verses

When teaching Scripture memory verses during club or class time you will want to let the children repeat the verse seven or eight times (after your teaching on the meaning and application of the verse) to help them remember it. But you will want to do it in a fun, exciting way. Here are three favorites of some of the methods that I use. You will find that if you use methods like these that the children will have the verses memorized before you are even finished teaching!

*But don't forget to send them home with verses printed out so they can review them during the week!*

1. Crazy Cards

Make up upwards of six cards with numbers on one side and instructions for something fun to do while everyone repeats the verse one more time. Choose one child at a time to pick a card without knowing what it says.

The six cards I use say:

(Keep in mind that all the children do the activity, not just the one who chooses the card.)

Any other good ideas for this game? Share them with us!

2. Clap and Guess

After repeating the verse several times to familiarize your children with it, choose one child to come and stand with his back towards the class. Have another child come and point to a single word in the verse on your verse visual without saying the word.

The class now says the verse clapping on, instead of saying, the chosen word. The child at the front then must guess which word was clapped on.

Second chances are, of course, permitted since the objective is really that the children would repeat the verse enough times to remember it. I will usually let the child who guesses choose the next one to guess.

3. Erase-a-Word

Write the verse on a blackboard or whiteboard (a small whiteboard is handy for a club.) Each time the verse is repeated choose a child to erase another word until all are gone and the children can say the verse without seeing it.

If it is a long verse try letting the first child erase one word, the second two, the third three and so on.

To be most effective use a different game each week. Even a favorite will become boring if used week after week.
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