Teaching Tip of the Week

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Get the children actually involved with missions early.

Try finding a missionary for your club or class that they can “adopt” and get involved with in the following ways:

  1. Have one of the children write to the missionary to gather information about the missionary's family, country and work.

  2. Have one of the children give a report and then periodic updates on the work of that missionary. Be sure to include pictures of the missionary and country.

  3. Have other children lead in a prayer time for specific requests each time you meet. Remember to pray for the unsaved children in that country.

  4. Use offering money to either buy something specific the missionary needs or send it to them so they can buy it (possibly the better option depending on what they need and what country they are in.)

  5. Have different children keep in touch with the missionary by mail, especially remembering birthdays and holidays.

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