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Review Games - Reinforcing Your Teaching

Review games are not only a fun way to reinforce your teaching, but also a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching.

One game that I have found that the children love is a form of the game often called "Memory" or "Concentration."

On the back of pieces of felt in the shape of question marks I have drawn two each of symbols on pieces of masking tape. I use masking tape so I can change the symbols to other symbols or numbers to be used for points.

You can download a .tif format pattern here:

The question marks are placed on a flannelboard in random order and then when the children answer a question during the review game they get to turn two of them over at a time to try to match them. If a match is not made, the question marks are turned back over. At the end of the game, the person or team with the most matches wins.

Which questions they are able to answer and how they answer the questions can help you as a teacher determine if and how the children are learning from your teaching. This can help you to revise your teaching methods to best suit the children.

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