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Quiet Time Suggestions

Encourage your children to have a quiet time at home. But, better than simply encouraging them, give them some practical helps.

One way you could help them would be to give them a devotional to follow. CEF Press (Child Evangelism Fellowship) publishes the Daily Bread for Boys and Girls.

It is also not too difficult to make a quiet time notebook for each of the children. Simply list on each page the steps for them to go through in having their devotions. Leave room, where needed, for them to write. I like to include the following in this order:

It would help most children to do a demonstration at club or classtime of a quiet time done this way. Be creative - suggest that the children might even sing a song to God during the Thanks, Praise and Requests time.

Any other suggestions for helping children with quiet time or for improving this outline? Let me know.

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