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Part Two - Information Center

With all the resources available on computer, why not have a computer-oriented Missions Information Center at your church or use your personal computer in conjunction with your Good News Club?

A multimedia computer can be used with a CD-ROM encyclopedia to provide information on the countries of missionaries you support. There are even some very nice looking CD Atlases complete with video of an average day in the life of families in different countries.

Someone (maybe some of the older children?) who may have the interest could use presentation software to make up computer presentations on your missionaries for the children (or others in the church) to view.

The computer could also be set up to communicate with your missionaries via e-mail. (See last week's tip.)

A monthly trip to the Missions Information Center could enhance your teaching of missions by heightening the children's awareness of missions and deepening a world-wide vision to see others come to Christ.

This may seem an ambitious project, but if you and your church are serious about teaching missions to your children, why not suggest it to your church leadership?

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