Teaching Tip of the Week

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Lots of Questions!?!

So what do you do when you are trying to get through your lesson and the children keep interrupting with lots of questions?.

  1. Be thankful. You are getting feedback - and that is good. It tells you that the children are listening (reason enough to rejoice) and that they are interested enough in what you are teaching that they want to know more.

  2. Answer their questions as well as you can. Sometimes it's easier than at other times. You may have to tell them that it is something you don't know and will have to find the answer for yourself first. Be honest about it and then be sure to follow through and let them know what you find.

  3. Once in a while you may have to ask them to hold the questions until you are done. But be careful that you don't miss a ripe teaching opportunity. Remember, you don't teach material, you teach children! Any time spent learning God's truths is time well spent in class. Your children's questions may be more important than what is in the teacher's guide.

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