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“Out of the Mouths of Babes....”

Teach your children to praise God in their prayers using a visual you may have already made. (If you used the tip for 11/11/96.)

Use a piece of posterboard (or a chalkboard or whiteboard) with the words “Dear God,” at the top and “In Jesus Name, Amen.” at the bottom. Now use a strip of posterboard that says, “You Are....” on it, or write it in if using a chalkboard or whiteboard. (This strip can be interchanged with others used in teaching other types of prayer.)

First ask the children to describe God’s character (what kind of person He is) as if they were helping a friend who knew nothing about God. Then, instructing them that they can use those descriptions as a praise kind of prayer, show the visual aid with the “You are....” strip placed after “Dear God,” and have them take turns praying. Have them fill in the empty space in the middle with the word(s) they used to describing God.

Note: If they need some help getting started, suggest some words such as “perfect,” “mighty,” “loving” or “kind.”

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