Teaching Tip of the Week

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Multiply Yourself

Most of the time I teach children, I need a helper. But having a second person in the class or club is also a great opportunity to multiply yourself and pass on your experience to someone else, and possibly to another generation.

Why not ask a young person in your church to be your helper? Start them out just sitting in and getting to know the children. Work them into helping with leading a song or two. Then work with them on preparing to teach the memory verse and then eventually a Bible lesson. Work closely with them at first in preparation so they can benefit from your experience. Then, if they are inclined, let them loose to do the major part of the teaching.

In doing so you will discover that what is actually taking place is discipleship. The children also benefit by seeing you work together with a young person and begin to look forward to when they will be the one that can start serving the Lord in a classroom or club situation. Since it is common for churches and ministries to be looking for teachers, your church or ministry will also benefit from this teaching "apprenticeship."

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