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Bible Book Review

I sometimes get frustrated when I ask my junior high class to turn to a book of the Bible and they immediately turn to the index to find out where it is! I could understand if they were new believers, but they have all been involved in Sunday School since they were very young. I was encouraged recently when the first and second graders got up in front of the church to recite the books of the New Testament. “Ah” I thought, “When they get to my class, I won’t have to teach it to them all over again.”

Here is a way to review the books of the Bible as you teach them to the children: Have everyone stand. Start with Genesis (or Matthew if you are doing the New Testament) and have everybody say each book in order all together. If someone can’t say the next book, they must sit down. For a variation, make a circle and say the books in order with the next person saying the next book. Again, if you get to a person that doesn’t know the book they are supposed to say, they sit down until one winner is standing.

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