Teaching Tip of the Week

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Presto, Chango!

I enjoy watching a good illusionist at least as much as the next guy, but there are serious questions to consider before using any popular medium in your teaching. Rule number one is that whether you are using illusions, puppets, singing, drama or anything else, the method must enhance the lesson, not detract from it. It is easy for the children to get so wrapped up in figuring out how you did it, or who was behind the puppet stage that the whole point you were making is completely lost.

Before you use alternate methods, think about how the children you teach will react. If you donít think they can handle it, donít use it. One way to check up on yourself after you try something new is to make sure you have a review game. Ask some detailed questions about what was taught. If they do well with the questions, then your method probably did not detract from the lesson. Remember that the primary objective is to teach, not entertain.

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