Teaching Tip of the Week

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Books, videos, seminars, and, of course, the Teaching Tip of the Week, may all be very helpful in developing your teaching skills, but a more personalized approach can be invaluable. Find an experienced teacher to work together with, if possible, in a kind of “internship” arrangement. If that is not possible, develop a relationship with that teacher where you are able to sit down with them once in a while to pick their brain on any questions or problems you may have. Scheduling a regular time to meet and discuss teaching could be a great help to you even if you are an experienced teacher. (Sometimes we get into those “ruts” and need new ideas to make our teaching fresh and exciting again.) If possible, find someone before the new year and determine a meeting time and place (if mixed sexes, you may want three in the group) and commit yourselves to one another’s encouragement, edification and help.

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