Teaching Tip of the Week

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Giving An Invitation

Whenever the Gospel is clearly presented (should be in every lessson) give an opportunity for the children to respond.

First, summarize the Gospel. Even though you have already taught it during the lesson, tie it all together in one sentence.

Then present an invitation verse (see tip for 6/29/98) and explain the main terms used in the verse in a way that the children will understand and relate to.

Next, ask them to respond. Itís a good idea to have them bow their heads and close their eyes. I like to explain to them that we do that because the question Iím about to ask is only for them, not for everyone else to be concerned about. Be sure to specify that you are addressing the unsaved child by beginning, ďIf you have never believed in the Lord Jesus so you could be saved and you would like to....Ē

Specify both a response to your question and a place for them to go so someone can counsel them personally for salvation.

Expect God to work! He will draw the children to Himself and save them, but He works through believers like you.

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