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Do Children Need To Know About Hell?

If you wish to be honest with the children about the consequences of sin, you must tell them about Hell.

“Hell” is a word most Christians seen uncomfortable with, perhaps in part because it is sometimes used to curse, but probably mostly because because of the world’s attempt to make Christians feel guilty of being “judgemental” with the mere mention of Hell. Be assured that you won’t damage a child for life psychologically for teaching them that there is a real place called Hell.

When teaching about Hell, do it in a manner that demonstrates that both you and God are concerned that they don’t end up there. Jesus loves sinners most of all and He talked more about Hell than about Heaven. Some points to bring out:

Just as you would warn someone (especially someone you love) of terrible consequences to certain actions, when you talk to the children of Hell, don’t speak flippantly or angrily but tell them in a caring way that also carries a sense of urgency.

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