Teaching Tip of the Week

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Training Sessions

I heard someone say something very interesting on the radio some time back. A mentor had told the man speaking that burnout is never caused by overworking or a busy schedule. It’s caused by a lack of input. For a teacher, that would include most of all a daily walk with the Lord – in particular, a daily quiet time. But it would also necessitate continuing training.

Does your church offer ongoing teacher training? It should be given at least quarterly, some even do it weekly. Here is a sample schedule for an hour and a half session that can encourage and equip:

If your church doesn’t conduct regular training, ask them to. Some churches do not have the resources to do so, but there are alternatives. There are organizations such as Child Evangelism Fellowship who have local chapters that can come right to your church to conduct training for you. One way or another, to prevent burnout, get continuing training!

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