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Talking About The Resurrection

Easter time is a natural time to teach about the resurrection. However, there are people that will downplay Easter as only a pagan holiday posing as a Christian one. They will point out that Easter wasnít even celebrated by the early church Ė it was only celebrated several hundred years after the fact. Some children might even repeat this, having heard it from an adult. Donít worry, this is just another great teaching opportunity.

Let the children know that what is celebrated at Easter is so important that not only was it celebrated from the beginning of the church, but it was also celebrated every week and not just every year! Thatís right Ė this is the reason we worship on the first day of the week. We are literally supposed to be celebrating the resurrection of Christ every time we gather on that day to worship. After all, it is the centerpiece of our faith. Without the resurrection, the cross would have been meaningless. Jesus could not be trusted to save us from all the results of sin including death.

So this Easter, set the children straight on the real story and make this a real celebration! Be sure to present the Gospel clearly, as you should every time you teach, but especially on this day when there are traditionally so many visitors at church. And be sure to give them an invitation to receive the free gift of eternal life for themselves.

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