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Tone It Down!

Children love to sing songs in which they get to shout a word or phrase in the song. However, you will find that there are certain children that can produce an eardrum-shattering scream – one that doesn’t do either your nerves or the aesthetics of the song any good. You want to keep the enthusiasm and energy that has been expressed, and yet you want the song to have some “edification value” too. Here’s a remedy:

Explain that there is a difference between “singing,” “shouting” and “screaming.” Then simply ask which one you have asked them to do. Explain this in a matter-of-fact, loving, excited way before they sing the new song, or as a reminder after they have messed up on an old one.

Don’t know any songs like that? Try the old hymn “Nothing But the Blood.” (Children love this song, but be sure to explain it.) Have the children shout when they get to “I know.”

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