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Especially For You

Your objective as a teacher is to give something to the child that will produce change. Vague applications don’t particularly lend themselves to that goal. Use the children’s names right in your lessons. When you talk about God’s love, use a verse like Jeremiah 31:3, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Point out that they could put their names in the verse and it would be just as true: “God says, ‘I have loved [Brittany] with an everlasting love.’” Repeat this with several more children (or all if you have a small class.)

Do the same with other applications and verses – verses that teach that all have sinned or that Christ died for all or verses with application to the saved child. This can especially be helpful when counseling a child for salvation with verses like John 1:12 or Romans 10:13.

Watch the child become thoughtful when the exhortation is related specifically to him. Or be blessed when you see his face light up when he hears his name and realizes the promise is for him.

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