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In His Name

Many children I have asked have the idea that to pray “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” at the end of every prayer is somehow mandatory. They probably get this idea because they hear adults pray this at the end of each of their prayers and because Jesus did tell us to pray “in My name.” So they end up thinking that the words are somehow a formula that make the prayer valid. While this may seem an innocent mistake, to leave it uncorrected is to rob the children of really praying “in His name.”

Explain to the children that it is the privilege only of believers to pray in Jesus’ name because of what Jesus has done for them in saving them. Because Jesus took their place on the cross, they now have the privilege of “taking Jesus’ place” so to speak, when they pray.

What this means practically is that they need to pray as Jesus would pray. Instead of praying for revenge, they would pray for forgiveness for someone who has mistreated them. Instead of praying for more things, they would pray for a thankful heart. Tell the children that although it is not necessary to pray the words “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” at the end of each prayer, to do so is a good reminder to them to pray how and what Jesus Himself would pray.

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