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Wrong Answers

Children love to participate in just about any way you let them. This includes answering questions. Questions can be asked not only during the review game but at just about any time Ė including during the Bible lesson. And, if youíve been teaching for very long, you know that the answers arenít always right.

It is good to encourage the children even when they donít answer correctly. A ďNice Try!Ē can be a nice touch to encourage the children to keep answering. You can even tell them that they are close to the right answer when they really are.

However, donít think that it is a sin to tell a child that the answer he has given is wrong. The politically correct crowd cringes at the thought, thinking that the child will be somehow irreparably damaged for life psychologically if he is ever told that he is wrong. In reality, if the child is told he is wrong in a nice way by someone that he knows cares about him, there is no problem. In fact, it reinforces the standard you want to reinforce that there is a such thing as right and wrong, truth and error.

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