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Donít Forget The Dinosaurs!

I was surprised to see that our local library had a copy of Creation magazine on itís shelf. Since I hadnít had occasion to see the magazine before, I picked it up to leaf through it and ended up reading a few of the articles. A statement in one of these articles caught my attention.

The writer stated that in most Bible teaching material, dinosaurs were not shown in visuals depicting the world as created. This is true. And checking the material that I would be using this past week, I discovered no dinosaurs. With the debate between creation and evolution heating up, are we giving credence to this false view by depicting the creation of man into a world where dinosaurs have (as the evolutionists proclaim) already come and gone?

As you teach about the work of God in creation, at least mention the dinosaurs among the sea and air creatures created on day four or the land animals on day five. Even if they are not in the visuals, include them in the lesson. You may find some questions from children who have already been exposed to evolutionary teaching that will be opportunities for giving our wonderful God full credit for His wonderful universe. At very least, if you make a big deal about there being a Tyrannosaurus Rex there on day six, you will capture the imaginations and delight of the six-year old boys!

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