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Ready, Set, Go!

Do you ever get, Can I go to the bathroom? right in the middle of your Bible lesson?

No matter when it happens during class or club, its not a good time. After all, you dont want them to miss a thing. I generally wont let them go anytime during our hour or so together unless its a dire emergency. But when it is, I use a little method that makes it as quick as possible.

First of all, when they ask you, give them that look that says, Are you kidding? You want to be excused to go to the bathroom during my class? But ask. Do you really need to go right now? If the answer is no, then fine. If it is yes, then tell them, OK, you have 45 seconds. On your mark, get set, go!

Youd be surprised at how fast they can get back. Maybe its because it becomes more like a game, maybe because it presents a challenge, maybe both. But for whatever reason it seems to work great.

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