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Using the Wordless Book
to Reach Children

Or anyone else who is willing to listen.

The Wordless Book has been used for many years to reach children (and others) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "But," you may ask, "Just exactly how does one go about using it to win souls?"

Good Question!

Here are a few ideas on how to use either the Wordless Book or variations of it to win souls:

  1. Open-air Evangelism

    Bring your Wordless Book and a pocket Bible with you anywhere there are children and you are sure to find an audience. Just be sure to have the children get permission from their parents to listen. You may even find the parents interested enough to listen along.

  2. Every-day Evangelism

    Keep a Wordless Book in your pocket or purse and be prepared to use it as a visual aid in day-to-day witnessing opportunities. Don't forget that this is an effective tool with adults too!

  3. Face-painting Evangelism

    Refer to the colors in a face-painting set as you share the Gospel while face-painting. This goes over great at events like fairs and carnivals and all kinds of celebrations and events, whether public or private.

  4. Wordless Book Bracelets

    Simple bracelets made from suede lace and colored beads can be a convenient and visible substitute. This can also be used at events mentioned with face-painting. Simply share the message of salvation with the children as you put a bracelet together for each one. (Then listen as they explain the colors to an inquisitive friend or parent.)

  5. The Gospel Fly

    Fishing fly, that is. No kidding! This idea from an avid fisher was actually written about in “Evangelizing Today’s Child” Magazine around 1970. Check out the web site where you can read about it and order them. The price is reasonable and the sales help out a small church in Mexico.


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